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Moment of Change: Anything is Everything


Marcus Sams


The Improv Shop

Marcus Sams




Saturday, August 24, 2019



9 a.m.


3 hours


When the Moment of Change occurs will you be aware enough. present enough, and connected enough
to be affected enough to move the improv scene forward? We are storytellers and no matter what type
of long form improv you perform, when the moment strikes, inspiration always follows if we are
available. Through a unique approach, improvisers will learn to listen at a deeper level allowing them to
notice the smallest of details internally and externally. By committing to the moment you will find
yourself more present, engaged, and more authentically connected to each moment, making the path
ahead a no-brainer.
Inspiration comes from listening with the eyes, the ears, and most importantly, the heart. Learn to let
the scene effortlessly emerge by getting out of its way and yielding to the moment of change.

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