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Corporate Training

Now In-person, OR online!

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Let us help restore Connectivity, Fun, and Engagement to your workforce!

We founded our training center in 2010, and we have been helping people improve themselves -- and their teams --ever since.  We have helped companies like Pfizer and Gatorade, and groups like a synagogue's leadership team and a kid's birthday party.

We also offer online workshops for $15-20 per person for a 60-minute session. For a customized session, prices range from $20-$35 per person.  Even if your team works remotely or is apread around the world, you can provide a fun, lively way for them to connect. Everyone's personality and sense of humor comes through when you are interacting off the cuff, engaging in our improv exercises.


For team-building and corporate training, improv is a fantastic tool. Improv is about listening, connecting, and collaborating.


Here are what some of our recent Zoom participants have said:


“THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It felt so nice to play and gave me a sense of normalcy. Thank you for taking the time to lead us.”

Joanna W.



“Thanks for setting that up! Improv is my happy place!…By using Zoom I can snack, pet my dog and attend [a workshop] with other like-minded people.”

Keli W.



Tonight was GREAT ...Plz keep doing more cuz this is the most I've laughed all MONTH.”  

Deborah H.


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