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Now In-person, OR online!

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Let us help restore Connectivity, Fun, and Engagement to your workforce!

We founded our training center in 2010, and we have worked with remote learning since at least 2013.   

With our current in-person operations suspended, we are now offering online workshops for $15-20 per person for a 60-minute session. For a customized session, prices range from $20-$35 per person.


For team-building and corporate training, improv is a fantastic tool. Improv is about listening, connecting, and collaborating.


Here are what some of our recent Zoom participants have said:


“THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It felt so nice to play and gave me a sense of normalcy. Thank you for taking the time to lead us.”

Joanna W.



“Thanks for setting that up! Improv is my happy place!…By using Zoom I can snack, pet my dog and attend [a workshop] with other like-minded people.”

Keli W.



Tonight was GREAT ...Plz keep doing more cuz this is the most I've laughed all MONTH.”  

Deborah H.


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