Have you been to one of our shows* and thought...

* Ya know, BEFORE

Due to, ya know, the plague, all classes are now online!

Since April, we have been conducting classes over Zoom, to people from all over the world! Starting January 20 and 21, we are offering six-week classes -- one for Beginners, and one for Intermediate & Advanced improvisers!


Is six weeks too much of a commitment? We get it. We also offer one-off "drop-in" classes every Saturdays at 11:00 am! Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to sign up!

Besides producing 5 shows every weekend, The KC Improv Company strives to advance improv in the Midwest by sharing our expertise and knowledge through classes, workshops, and coaching. The KC Improv Company Training Center allows students from all experience levels and backgrounds to become an integral part of the improv community in KC by building skills and ideologies not only applicable to the stage, but to their everyday lives!

Questions? E-mail us at classes@kcimprov.com, or give us a call at 816-806-4000!