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That's No Movie

Kansas City, MO

John Adams, Adam Hoelscher, Cody Lindenberger, Bobby McCosky, Lauren Pope, Sydney Ragsdale, Gabi Sa Teles, and Aron Wallis

That's No Movie performs high-energy, fast-paced improvised movies, using just their minds and bodies to create everything you'd see on a movie screen -- the characters, props, sets, special effects, musical soundtracks, camera angles and more. They have studied and perfected dozens of movie and TV genres, including space operas, slasher flicks, Disney Princess animated features, super-hero blockbusters, Hitchcockian thrillers, Lifetime movies, Rankin Bass holiday Claymation specials, Nicholas Sparks tearjerkers and Hanna Barbera teenage detective cartoons.

That's No Movie

KCiF Night Two at 10pm

Saturday, August 17, 2019

10 p.m.


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