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Ryan Thurston


Ryan has been described by his peers/mentors over the years as, “weird,” “talkative,” “loud,” and, on very few occasions, “kinda funny.” So, naturally, when Ryan discovered the KC Improv Company, his first thought was, “my people.”

Ryan is a born-and-raised KC native, and enjoys spending time with all things creative, whether it's writing, music, art, films/tv, and, on occasion, performing. He’s also a huge fan of KC Sports, which means his mood fluctuates about as often as the weather.

Ryan has been around the improv scene since 2017, but never really performed until one fateful jam in the Spring of 2023. Since then, he’s gotten the “itch” and has been honing his craft and practicing his warm-ups in hopes to show the entire world how he’s just “kinda funny.”

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