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Morgan Fender


Morgan Fender grew up in the small town of Fair Grove, Missouri where the only option to perform improv was to create her own troupe made up of her funniest friends. Since the humble beginnings of Insert Creative Name Here in 2012, Morgan has had the opportunity to perform professionally with Springfield Improv, Stop Making Sense Improv, and The KC Improv Company. Throughout her 10 years of experience, Morgan has learned two things that she would share with any new improviser: First, if your scene partner is funnier than you, then you've won the scene. Secondly, poop jokes are never worth it. In her rare moments of free time she also enjoys puzzling, sipping a warm beverage at one the many incredible Kansas City coffee shops, and playing her ukulele when no one else is listening. Morgan currently works as an engineer at a paper mill. And before you ask, it’s nothing like Dunder Mifflin.

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