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Connor Hills


Connor Hills was once an ordinary boy. That boy is dead. In fifth grade, a fateful gig as the MC of the Graden Elementary talent show would permanently rock the serotonin receptors in Connor’s brain, driving him towards madness.

As a sea of small children howled at his hosting quips, a disgusting lust for the stage would fester under his seemingly well-rounded life.

After years of pushing those dark thoughts to the back of his head through football, band, and student journalism, Connor would finally give in to his twisted desires by joining every comedy organization at the University of Missouri in 2015.

Nearly seven years later, his path of destruction would lead to over a thousand short-form and long-form improv shows, the organization of comedy festivals, dozens of stage and video sketches, a cute little foray into standup, and hundreds of hours wasted on coaching young adults to improvise.

The beast within now fully awakened, Connor spends his time working in broadcast journalism, writing screenplays and sketches with his writing partners, and (in his most depraved act yet) joining the cast of KCIC in the Spring of 2022.

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