We can't perform live, so we're Kickin' It at home. Tune in every Friday at 7:30ish for a new episode of a socially distanced variety show, featuring the cast of The KC Improv Company. 

Hosted by Brandon Durkes.

Episode 11 - 8/7/20

Tonight on Kickin' It Running Coach, Hoagies & Hoaxes, Bobby calls Brandon, Expert Panel Karen and The Music Mash by The KC Improv Company

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Episode 1 - 3/20/20

On the premiere episode, Brandon speaks with Real Estate Agent Tommy Walbangs, Kickie The Comedy Boot reports live from the streets, Arts & Crafts correspondent Trista Badgely shows us some crafts, and World Champion Sassy McGuillicutty joins us from the Sass Castle.

Episode 2 - 3/27/20

Wherein Brandon dives deep with KCIC member Jamie Campbell, our friend Nan Turner performs a song, and Emma promotes literacy.

Episode 3 - 4/3/20

On the third episode of Kickin' It w/ The KC Improv Company: Quarantine Cribs! Angie Hair Pasta w/ Cooking Correspondent Angie Cardello! A song from Phil Morris! A sketch from Minnie Driver's Many Mini Drivers! And The Music Mashup from The KC Improv Company!

Episode 4 - 4/10/20

Tonight on Kickin' It: Apocalypse Rogers, The Springer King, A song from Phil Morris, The Music Mash w/ The KC Improv Company and a brand new sponsor!

Episode 5 - 4/17/20

Tonight on Kickin' It: Old Folks on Zoom, Conspiracies with Turning Point, Walks: Then & Nowm French Correspondent Jean Trempee, and A Sketch from Minnie Driver's Many Mini Drivers!

Episode 6 - 4/24/20

Tonight on Kickin' It: Animal Hunting w/ Adam; Birds; Dr. Richard Krunch; More Old Folks on Zoom; Workouts w/ Phoebe; and The Music Mashup!

Episode 7 - 5/1/20

Tonight on Kickin' It Isolation Slumber Party Hal Bludson: Pandemic Boyfriend When Bananas Go Bad Sidewalk Showdown and The Music Mashup from The KC Improv Company

Episode 8 - 5/8/20

Tonight on Kickin' It The Bibliophiles discussing The Baby-Sitter's Club A Funny Joke Sketch The COVID Slide , pt. 2 And The Music Mashup with The KC Improv Company

Episode 9 - 5/15/20

Tonight on Kickin' It: Re-View with Biff, Frankensocks, A Very Special Interview,  A sketch from Minnie Driver's Many Mini Drivers, and The Music Mash!

Episode 10 - 5/22/20

Tonight on Kickin' It Socially Distant Food Delivery, Friends Confession, Hydroxychloroquine: Fact vs. Fiction, and The Music Mash from The KC Improv Company.

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